I tried to post the article to fb but it wouldn’t let me, so instead I’m just going to do it this way. These are some of the dangers when it comes to re-homing a pet through the use of Craig’sList, as well as other such sites and similar means. Craig’sList actually made new rules for adopting pets on their site due to notifications of such problems as the ones about to be mentioned. And with that said, here are the major issues:
The animal might be used as a bait animal for dog fighting.
People who torture and kill animals like to search the listings for new victims.
People who source animals to research facilities to make an income often use these ads to find pets/their victims.
A newer phenomena is pet flipping – searching free adds for pets to sell for a profit elsewhere (in which case the animals often end up in one of the above mentioned categories).
Child abuse and human trafficking are pretty much the two sickest things I’ve ever heard of, but the neglect and abuse of helpless animals is right up there on the “intolerable acts” list, too. Stand against suffering, stand against oppression, just don’t stand against the basic freedoms and fundamental rights which make this country so great. Wherever there’s a will there’s a way. Look out for those around ya.
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A Love For Animals; Bringing Awareness To Certain Dangers Of Re-Homing