I’m Jamie Shank and this is the website for my Crossovers Anthology. My goal is to get my books known and picked up by an agent or a publisher. I’ve included excerpts from four of my novels on this website, three of which are finished and ready to go. This website provides descriptions of, as well as sample material from, four of my novels.

Just ‘Cause – Overtures is the first book in a two part, 160,000 word, fictional fantasy/adventure war story which represents the start of it all for the Crossovers Anthology. Just ‘Cause is the story of John Anderson, Jr., and Just ‘Cause -Overtures covers the first two main parts, the draft and love story in “Ch. 1 The Letters Are Out” and then John leaving for basic training where he meets an interesting bunch of fellow hippy recruits and experiences everything leading up to the war in “Ch. 2 No Turning Back Now.” Two off-kilter but still relevant short stories ends this first book, Just ‘Cause – Overtures, Book 1. Publication date 01/07/2017.

Just ‘Cause – Further Explorations, Book 2, jumps right into the action with John Anderson, Jr. and the rest of Major Briggs’ battalion storming a beach and heading into battle, to be the first of three distinct battles meant to really get the ball rolling. The battles are followed by a late night, fireside scene which leads to an internal dispute among respected leaders of the battalion and a final fatal mistake by Major Briggs, not by any means the first. The final portion of “Ch. 3 Ye-ha… The War” revolves around John and three other characters running for their lives after the enemy ambushes them. “Ch. 4 Stranger in a Strange Land” is where things get a little weird when the helicopter carrying John and a couple of his buddies home mysteriously falters in midair and crashes in a mysterious, uncharted, and highly peculiar land. After fighting a war, John is now stuck in a situation where he must survive and somehow seek out a rescue, and on top of all that are several unsettling encounters with more than one strange, unusual creature. The tie-in to the love story from the first book and the way it concludes and comes to a climax in the epilogue, “(All The While) Coming Home” is stunning and jaw-dropping. The second finale in Just ’Cause – Further Explorations, entitled “Overview; Eighty-Six,” sums up everything that has happened in this story, tying it all together and wrapping it all up from a later perspective in John’s life to make for an ending guaranteed to move any reader. Publication date 01/07/2017.

Conner, Book 4, an 88,888 word prison story about two unfortunate fathers, a mysterious Visitor, an unruly bunch of death row inmates, and of course the warden and the prison staff. Conner actually fits into the timeline after a story called Yahe, which is a book being held for publishing to honor a date in late November. Conner is probably my most controversial story, definitely my most controversial beginning with the Wino’s backstory and Bubba and the Fairy’s cut-away sequence. But Conner is also probably my most humorous story, though I suppose they all possess a certain touch to them. Between Conner’s witty one-liners and “Ran into an Old Friend” jokes and the Visitor’s short stories, his antics, his attempts to mimic, right up to “Zeus’ Temple,” something about Conner just has it’s own special edge. The controversy seems to often run hand in hand with the humor in this one, at least at times, and with certain characters. And the mystery of the Visitor and how it all plays out for Conner and the other. Why are these two fathers, who are honest, hard working men, Conner a single father with a grown son and the other a family man with a teenage son… why are they on death row in the first place? Conner is holding back, hesitant to tell his story, but the Visitor knows something and Conner fears the worst. Though the truth is heartbreaking, the outcome is worth sticking around for. Publication date 02/14/2017.

Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet, Book 5, 95,000+ words, is the story of a real life kitty cat told through the eyes of one of the Crossovers Anthology’s main characters. Need I say more? Okay, I lied, Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet is probably just as funny, if not funnier, than Conner. All of the kitty cats in this story are based on real-life kitty cats, right down to their names, as are most of the major events in this story based on true events. However, all of the people in this story, right down to their names and personality traits, are fabrications, though often real people are being kept in mind, for they all have played such an important role in both the Kapooka critter‘s life and my own. Publication date 03/21/2017.

That brings me to Yahe, a 113,000 word tale about a misguided young man named Damien who gets mixed up with a local organized crime syndicate. Yahe is setup in a very similar fashion to Just ‘Cause‘s setup. The story begins with “Ch. 1 Jimmy,” which is the story of Damien and his best friend, Jimmy, growing up, making the wrong choices, eventually getting into hard drugs which leads to a shocking conclusion when Damien must kill Jimmy. This entire chapter is available as an excerpt on this website. “Ch. 2 The Organization” deals with Damien’s climb in the organization from drug dealer to hit-man. This part covers three main assassinations, though I suppose the third one is more twist and spin which leads to Damien beating a charge due to a buddy’s big mouth and afterwards wanting out. “Ch. 3 Parody” starts with a job which pays so good Damien just can’t/won’t pass it up. This job parodies one of the most controversial assassinations in U.S. history, recreating a very good, well investigated theory. “Ch. 4 Brew-ha-ha” in Yahe takes Damien to the same place John Anderson, Jr. went to in “Ch. 4 Stranger in a Strange Land” of Just ‘Cause – Further Explorations, a land I refer to as the Land of the Ancients. It is in this story that the tribe and Nanuck, a character previously illustrated as John Anderson, Jr.’s Mr. Spirally Eyes from Just ‘Cause – Further ‘Explorations. “Ch. 4 Brew-ha-ha” of Yahe marks the first transformation of a new generation with what Damien will go through and accomplish before it is all over. Damien is able to end the local crime syndicate, but another adversary reminds him that it’s by no means over. Actually, the Crossovers anthology has just begun. Yahe is Book 3 in the anthology. Planned publication date for 11/22 of this year.

I’ve had one bad experience with the B.K. Nelson agency. The lady promised me the World and accomplished nothing. Fortunately I recognized her scam for what it was when a library convention which I paid for produced zero results, and all and all I never really paid in too much. It’s a good lesson, but failures can be costly. My father will never get to see my books get published, and I think to myself sometimes that if I didn’t get involved with that agent I could’ve done something else more productive with my resources during that time period. But, oh well, live and learn, right? Chock it up to the lessons we put ourselves through in life.

You can contact me by mail at 30700 U.S. 19 N. #32 Palm Harbor, FL. 34684 if you are interested in my work, wish to discuss purchases of my work, or can help this project in any way. Please, don’t hesitate to write to me. All letters will be read and considered.

Note: I’ve noticed that some of the formatting, particularly bold print, underlining, and captions, did not transfer to this webpage for Just ‘Cause for whatever reason when I transferred the sample excerpts to this site. The main thing that I noticed, which irks me a little but would take a long time to go over and correct and I’d rather progress forward with new information, is the fact that I do my characters’ thoughts in italics. Please take this into consideration while reading off this site, or buy the ebook ’cause it turned out perfect.