Just ‘Cause; 1st Section, 1st Chapter


Jamie Shank’s Just ‘Cause, First Section of the First Chapter.

Peggy Anderson had been checking the mailbox first thing every morning ever since hearing the news about the draft having been enforced. Peggy’s heart broke the day the letter came summoning her son, John Anderson, Jr., to serve their nation in the Second New World War.

Upon receiving the mail, Peggy had noticed the letterhead of the New World government on an envelope. She dropped all of the other letters that she was holding and tore open the envelope, hoping that it wouldn’t be what she suspected. She began to read and her greatest fears were confirmed. The letter clearly stated in the first paragraph that her son, John Anderson, Jr., was being drafted for the war.

Peggy let out a shrill cry of grief and torment that echoed throughout the Anderson’s property in the early morning dew. She ran weeping back to her husband, who stood on the front porch holding an underlying understanding of what was going on within his heart. John, Sr. did not say a word as his wife ran up to him and embraced him with all her might. No, he let her tell him what he had already assumed. One of our sons is going to have to leave to go to war.

“John, our baby’s been drafted,” Peggy told her husband. “John is going to war.”

John, Sr. began to digest the information while he held his wife tightly to him. He tried to comfort and console her, but it was just so much to take in. Their youngest son would be leaving them, perhaps just for a while but maybe forever. The war would change their son. John, Jr. was a good boy, a peaceful boy. As John, Sr. looks out towards the horizon, out over their green fields, he says, “I hate this as much as you do, Peggy, but we’re going to have to be strong… for John’s sake, we’re just going to have to be strong.”

This has been the first section from the first chapter in Jamie Shank’s 160,000 full-length ebook, Just ‘CauseJust ‘Cause is a war story detailing the life of John Anderson, Jr. as he experiences a draft, basic training, a war, and something overwhelmingly magnificent before it’s all over and he arrives back home. John and his family are not by any means the only characters whose lives are detailed in this two book series. Meet Major Briggs, Brad Thompon, Duece Covert, Tim Spellings, Mary Jane O’Riley and her family, Kellen Collins, Hector Birch, Alan Fohler, Victor Hughes, Roy Phillips, Duff Avery, Justin Bailey, Otis Smith and Sean Berg, Sha, Cid, & Hammer, Sven Williams and family, Nanuck and the creature comforts from Ch. 04, and a variety of others making up the supporting cast. See how their stories play out and make up your own mind on the legacy of the good soldiers’ Major Briggs as Deuce reveals all in the chapters end.

51tznBaGUHLIn Chapter One “The Letters Are Out,” the worst thing imaginable has come true and war has broken out between the two nations. To make matters worse, the nation of New World has initiated a draft and our main character, John Anderson, Jr., has been drafted. See how John’s life is turned upside-down, and how this affects family members and friends, especially John’s relationship with his high school sweetheart, Mary Jane O’Riley, all leading up to the day of John’s departure.

After that, in Chapter Two “No Turning Back Now,” you’ll meet Major Briggs and his mischievous battalion of new recruits, of which John is a part of. Join in the nightly smoke sessions, watch how the controversy plays out between two of the recruits, start putting the pieces together and tune in to the next installation to see how the war plays out!

JCFE51nWL0xOAzLIn Chapter Three; “Ye-ha, The War,” Major Briggs’ newly formed battalion is heading into battle. John Anderson, Jr. and his fellow recruits are in for the fight of their lives, as they’re doomed to find out the hard way what war truly is. When Major Briggs’ past catches up to him due to a tragic incident during their third battle on Old World soil, the battalion’s fearless leader starts to lose it and before long opens Pandora’s box, inviting the inevitable to come to him and his men in an epic and suspenseful Old World ambush which is sure to provide a reader plenty of thrills and excitement. Prepare yourself for the outcome of this battalion’s struggle against the odds, and then brace yourself for one man’s insight into Major Briggs’ mistakes and possibly even war crimes.

And just when you thought it was all over, that’s when it all really begins in Chapter Four; “A Stranger in a Strange Land,” a six part chapter detailing John’s struggles when the helicopter carrying him and his few fellow survivors mysteriously fails in midair and plummets out of the sky. In the final installation of this novel, join John as he treks across this mysterious landscape in a bid for survival. Partake in his adventures, join in his survival plan and the obstacles that are thrown in his path along the way, meet the strange being and the creatures that he comes across, and enjoy the journey! …in a land where myths and legends become real and come to life, and perhaps even heroes are formed.



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Yahe, a crime story, will be available in late November.

The superhero saga is under construction.

The MS:B will is still in the planning phase.


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