Novel excerpts from “Just ‘Cause Overtures.”

51tznBaGUHLJamie Shank’s “Just ‘Cause – Overtures,”

Introduction : All of the information in this story is not factually accurate with that of our world’s. The best example that comes to mind is in the military titles, positions, and rankings and in much of the text throughout the prologue. Major became the title to my liking for one of my main characters (not Captain, or Corporal, or Commander, but Major Briggs), so that’s what I went with. I tried to make the weaponry accurate to that of WWII, though the aircrafts weren’t so advanced back then, and I tried to keep my musical references close to the classic rock generation and music heard during the Vietnam era.

In this story, in this existence, this world that is known simply as the World (for it is simpler than ours, yet it still exists within the same stream of time and rests within the same fabric of space alongside our own), there are many, the fallen… a few, the lost… the ones with reason… and soon, the crossovers. That’s all so much later. Now, nothing truly makes sense. Life is a mystery, the meaning unclear. It all might as well be happening Just ‘Cause.

Here lies the start to the significance of the drama that begins to unfold in these pages, defining this story’s wild existence. The story of John Anderson Jr. is the first inkling to Nanuck that a prophecy may come true, may be beginning to unfold before his very eyes. Nanuck will not be properly introduced in these pages, for this ancient of the World is not meant to truly appear to us quite as of yet. For now, this Worldly prophet has left us with four, wonderful stories about the life of one of the World’s uninformed heroes, who will become a legacy for heroes to come. Let the tale of John Anderson Jr. begin to unfold itself, as it did for me, the writer, now for you, fellow reader…


Drafted, called upon by his country to serve in the Second New World War – a war thought to end all wars. Unlike the First New World War, this war was not a battle fought over taking a new world, but rather a clash between the two existing Worlds for the complete and total domination of the entire planet. Winner take all, New World or Old World, both great nations sought to establish their absolute authority and reign as the supreme ruler of the whole World by the time it was all said and done with.


First Section of the First Chapter.

Peggy Anderson had been checking the mailbox first thing every morning ever since hearing the news about the draft having been enforced. Peggy’s heart broke the day the letter came summoning her son, John Anderson, Jr., to serve their nation in the Second New World War.

Upon receiving the mail, Peggy had noticed the letterhead of the New World government on an envelope. She dropped all of the other letters that she was holding and tore open the envelope, hoping that it wouldn’t be what she suspected. She began to read and her greatest fears were confirmed. The letter clearly stated in the first paragraph that her son, John Anderson, Jr., was being drafted for the war.

Peggy let out a shrill cry of grief and torment that echoed throughout the Anderson’s property in the early morning dew. She ran weeping back to her husband, who stood on the front porch holding an underlying understanding of what was going on within his heart. John, Sr. did not say a word as his wife ran up to him and embraced him with all her might. No, he let her tell him what he had already assumed. One of our sons is going to have to leave to go to war.

“John, our baby’s been drafted,” Peggy told her husband. “John is going to war.”

John, Sr. began to digest the information while he held his wife tightly to him. He tried to comfort and console her, but it was just so much to take in. Their youngest son would be leaving them, perhaps just for a while but maybe forever. The war would change their son. John, Jr. was a good boy, a peaceful boy. As John, Sr. looks out towards the horizon, out over their green fields, he says, “I hate this as much as you do, Peggy, but we’re going to have to be strong… for John’s sake, we’re just going to have to be strong.”


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