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Jamie Shank’s ebook, Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet, available for free on from Thursday, May 25th to Monday, May 29th. Pick up your copy, enjoy, spread the word and check out Jamie Shank’s other titles.

To preview Jamie Shank’s works visit:

Jamie Shank’s “Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet” is a full-length novel about the World’s most rambunctious little kitty cat. This book contains 98,000 words and was first published as an ebook on on 03/21/2017. “Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet” is a story about a real life kitty cat told through the eyes of one of the fictional Crossovers Anthology’s main characters. Need I really say more?

Most of, but not all of, what takes place in this story is based on true events. All of the kitty cats in this story are real-life kitty cats, right down to their names. However, the names, identities, and character traits of all humans in this story are artistic fabrications, though often structured off of real people.

Jamie Shank’s “Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet” is Book 5 in the greater Crossovers Anthology. Though this is an anthology, all taking place on a timeline within a fictional world, each story holds its own unless the title indicates otherwise, and so far Jamie Shank’s “Just ‘Cause,” at 160,000 words, is the only project which was too big to fit into one book.

Enjoy the tale of one of the most hyperactive little kitties in the World, one who is sure to put a smile on your face and really get ya laughing, the bronze lil’ bolt of lightning that he is… Simba Bella… the Bear… the Kapooka critter!



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