“Conner” by Jamie Shank, now available as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon.com

41e9KuNzOJLJamie Shank’s “Conner” is an 88,888 word fiction/fantasy prison story about two unfortunate fathers, a mysterious visitor who arrives on the cell block, an unruly cast of death row inmates, and of course the warden and the prison staff. Though still a serious story, Jamie Shank’s “Conner” is also a bit of a comedy with Conner’s line of “witty one-liners” and “Ran into an Old Friend” jokes and the Visitor’s cleverly placed short stories and a few jokes of his own. Jamie Shank’s “Conner” is a fast-paced, character oriented thrill ride which is sure to drop a reader’s jaw with the flip of each page and leave a lasting impression by the time the link between the Visitor, Conner, and Daryl is finally revealed in full in the end.

Jamie Shank’s “Conner” was first published as an ebook on 02/14/2017 and as a paperback on 04/20/2017 on Amazon.com and is Book 4 in the greater Crossovers Anthology. Though these books are part of an anthology, all taking place on a timeline within a fictional world, each story holds its own unless the title indicates otherwise, and so far Jamie Shank’s “Just ‘Cause,” at 160,000 words, is the only project which was too big to fit into one book.

The mystery of the Visitor and how it all plays out for Conner and the other… Why are these two fathers, who are honest, hard working men, Conner a single father with a grown adult son and the other a family man with a teenage son… why are they on death row in the first place? Conner is holding back, hesitant to tell his story, but the Visitor knows something and Conner fears the worst. Though the truth is heartbreaking, the outcome is worth sticking around for.

The following is an excerpt from Jamie Shank’s “Conner”:

The breaking point… What one would sacrifice? What one would give, or give up? What one would forfeit? And what if, in the end, that sacrifice was for nothing? Hopes and dreams converted, concerted, distorted, displaced, and soon to be about-faced. What consequences will the truth bring? And there’s no way to stop it from happening, it has already been done! After everything… and now nothing can be done to change a thing! A life for a better life! That had been the plan! A life for a better life! And now all that’s left is, “What to do now?!”

A second excerpt from Jamie Shank’s “Conner”:

“I’ve heard a few good, new ones,” Conner said to Brandon.

“Oh yeah?” Brandon replied. “Do tell.”

“Have you heard the one about the escaped convict?” Conner began.

“No,” Brandon replied.

“That’s probably ‘cause he got caught.” Conner moved right along to the next one, “Have you heard the one about the drunk driver?”

“No,” Brandon replied, but he could almost guess what his father was going to say.

“He died in a car crash.” Conner moved right along to the next one, “Have you heard the one about the whore’s marriage?”

“No,” Brandon replied, already laughing in response to the setup.

“It didn’t last,” Conner said, and paused. Brandon said with a smile on his face,

“I suppose not.”

“Yeah, but she walked away with a lot of cash,” Conner added.

“Where do you come up with this shit?” Brandon couldn’t help but ask.

“In here, a man listens a lot,” Conner said, then added, “and people get creative when they don’t have a whole lot of outside entertainment to keep them occupied and do the thinking for them.

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“If you liked Stephen King’s The Green Mile and ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’ from Different Seasons then you’ll love Jamie Shank’s Conner, a tale that keeps on hittin’ right up to the very end, and an ending that could move most any reader. Do enjoy.”


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