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Hello, I’m Jamie Shank and I just recently published Kapooka; A Crossover’s Pet as an ebook on Amazon.com for $2.99. This is a story about a real life kitty cat told through the eyes of one of the fictional Crossover’s saga’s main characters. Need I say more?

Most of, but not all of, what takes place in this story is based on true events. All of the kitty cats in this story are real-life kitty cats, right down to their names. However, the names, identities, and character traits of all humans in this story are artistic fabrications, though often structured off of real people.

Enjoy the tale of one of the most hyperactive little kitties in the World, one who is sure to make you laugh and put a smile on your face, the bronze lil’ bolt of lightning that he is… Simba Bella… the Bear… the Kapooka critter.

Also available on Amazon.com for $2.99 a piece, Jamie Shank’s Just ‘Cause – Overtures, the first two chapters in a very long, very intricate war story, Just ‘Cause – Further Explorations, the final two chapters in and the stunning conclusions to a 160,000 word war story, and Conner, a prison story about two unfortunate fathers, a mysterious visitor, an unruly bunch of death row inmates, and of course the prison staff. Yahe, a tale of a young man who gets mixed up with a criminal organization and becomes an assassin and more, will be made available in late November of this year.

Be one of the first to read Kapooka, and enjoy the other novels in the Crossover’s anthology by visiting Amazon.com.



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