Jamie Shank’s Just ‘Cause – Overtures, Free Ebook Promotion

Hi, I’m Jamie Shank and my ebook Just ‘Cause – Overtures will be available for FREE on Amazon.com for two days, February 1st and February 2nd, as a special promotion deal. Please check it out, pick up a copy, and enjoy! Just ‘Cause is a fictitous war story about the life of John Anderson, Jr. This is a two book, four part (or four chapters) tale centering around John being drafted and having to leave his loved ones behind, boot camp with Major Briggs and his fellow hippie new recruits, a war with three battles and an ambush which sends everybody running for their lives after a heated intenal affair, and a little something extra and special before it’s all said and done with a survival story in a strange, foreign land. Altogether, Just ‘Cause is 160,000 words of unbridled thrills, fun, and excitement, for Just ‘Cause was built to provide a reader with a good time, and it also tackles quite a few very interesting and highly controversial topics and issues along the way. This is a real page-turner and a must-read, but don’t take my word for it, pick up your copy on Amazon and visit my website to check out excerpts from Just ‘Cause and some of my future releases. Link provided… https://jamieshankscrossoverswebsiteandwritingmark.wordpress.com/


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